Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas dips...

Send in your Christmas day swimming photos...  Steve, Heron Island must be warmer than Ramsgate.  Greg?

Friday, 21 June 2013

June Results

17th June
Avondale II - Sutton 2 = 8 - 9
Surrey 2

An encouraging performance against a very strong S&C team. If we can eradicate the rush of blood to the head moments we could have turned this into a winning performance. Brad was excellent in goal and saved a few blushes. Dirty Chris getting 3 majors. Langton must have been having a quiet night… Big DB made mischief in the pit which was almost more fun to watch than actually pass him the ball. Ref was good. Nipped any mischief in the bud, was honest about what he saw and didn’t. 2 double ejections in 1 game. Nice. Getting better. Steadily.

Friday, 10 May 2013

May results

8th May

Old Whits - Avondale II = 13 - 8
Surrey 2

Certainly a game of 2 halves. They got everything on target in the first half and with some eye opening intepretation of the rules we played most of the first with 6 players. If only the interpretation was the same at both ends… (e.g. backing in)
But having lost the first half 9-2, we effectively won the second 4-6. New guy Chris played well adding a bit of youthful spirit to the side (ah it takes me back…) and Dave making mischief in the pit – only to have any hard fought advantage cancelled out by reversal, after reversal, after reversal….Credit to OMW though, they fielded a strong side and exploited some lackluster pressing early in the game. Other notes: Johnnie Beder slotting in a nice goal or 2. Richard’s expression of confusion over a perfectly legitimate goal leading to a wrap up for dissent. 120 seconds after a request from the cap to all players to button it.OMW started well, but we were below average. We then came back, but had left ourselves a mountain to climb on a clock that was left running and running… hmmmm.

Friday, 26 April 2013

April Results

25th April

Guilford - Avondale I = 5 - 6

Surrey 1

There was drama , tension , passion , fear......and there was blood.....lots of it.Pre-match talk from the captain consisted in one simple rule , do not let their number 5 shoot.Andy "Pink Demba Ba" Parkin probably thought we might have stood a better chance if their number 5 was literary taken out of the game , and with a broken lip too.Fair play to Andy though , the opposing player decided to stick a finger right in Andy's eye ,  which left a nasty red/purple/blue mark.Some confusion followed , Steve was out with three midway through the second quarter , Liam is definitely another candidate for the Red Mist end of the season award(he needs to do a lot more though after Andy's performance), Mark missed yet another penalty which explains his lack of wins in Killer.Their keeper was almost unbeatable , in the end we managed to take home a deserved win.

29th Apr

Avondale II - Kingston = 15 - 10

Surrey 2

Ooooh that’s better. Apart from the customary generosity of gifting the opposition a head start, we picked it up in the second and them kept it going. Sure there were some frantic moments of insanity but this is the Real way! Great welcome back for big Dave, and a really broad spread of goal scoters meant the auld enemy were dismissed infine fashion. Despite the odd bleeding lip. Nice to be winning again. Very nice

Friday, 5 April 2013

Refereeing 2013

Avondale's first refereeing performance under the new Director of Refereeing (Dior) Professor Jonckers was widely viewed as successful... by most of the participants.

Referee Petzer had the game by the scruff of the neck from the outset and when Referee Cross has worked out which of his gnarled fingers to use to identify the goal scorer, the table officials will be more relaxed.  It's just a shame that the Otter number 2 scored so many goals in this first match.

Perhaps it was his relative inexperience, but Ref. Cross completely missed the brief spat involving fists, elbows and some Olympic glaring from both participants despite it taking place directly in front of him.  Luckily the experienced and consistent Ref. Petzer's attention was just where it needed to be and when the pair involved in the fracas ignored his initial volley, nay avalanche, of whistles there was only ever going to be one outcome - and both saw out the remainder of the game from their respective benches..

I think the novice referee would do well to consider the oft touted advice to 'blow early and blow often'.

Despite having taken little exercise the beers after the game tasted every bit as good as they do after training!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

March Results

13th Mar

Old Whits - Avondale = 8 - 11
Thameside League

The lost men return to bag 6 goals. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. high tempo (3 subs and yet at least 4 players trying to exit the pool for subbing each goal!). Pretty structured display although a bit of a lack of movement and a reluctance to shoot was a concern at one point, but as ever a good nature game with the Old Whits crew. We even thought the ref was ok. Sean lasted the whole match and Dave never chipped at the ref. (despite calls for goal line technology). Has Avondale turned over a new leaf?

18th Mar

Croydon - Avondale = 13 - 9
Over 35 League

The instructions were clear : game at 9pm at Whitgift school in Croydon.
10 of the finest players among the large contingent of Over 35 clearly followed those instructions , one (without naming names..........Second Team Captain everyone?) decided that a swim in an empty Putney pool was a more appropriate way to spend the evening.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Killer 2013

End of Season Results:
  Alex won, by a country mile.  All hail the 2013 killer champion.  

It all starts again on Thursday 2nd January 2014

Thur 12th Dec Winner??? , runner up ???
Thur 5th Dec winner Christer , runner up Dave
Thur 28th Nov Winner Alex , runner up Chris
Thur 21st Nov Winner Alex , runner up Jo
Thur 14th Nov Winner Alex , runner up Titanium Pete
Thur 7th Nov Winner Tim , runner up Jonnie
Thur 31st Oct Winner Steve , runner up Emile
Thur 24th Oct Winner Alex , runner up Big Greg
Thur 17th Oct Winner Obi Wan Mark , runner up Tom
Thur 10th Oct Winner Obi Wan Mark , runner up Dustyn
Thur 3rd Oct Winner Brad , runner up Lele
Thur 26th Sept Winner Tim , runner up Tyroan
Thur 19th Sept Winner Alex , runner up Obi Wan Mark
Thur 12th Sept Winner Alex , runner upTitanium Pete
Thur 5th Sept Winner Alex , runner up Liam
Thur 29th Aug Winner Obi Wan Mark , runner up Big Greg
Thur 22nd Aug Winner Nick A. , runner up Big Greg
Thur 15th Aug Winner Alex , runner up Angus
Thur 8th Aug Winner Steve , runner up new guy??
Thur 1st Aug Winner Titanium Pete , runner up Obi Wan Mark
Thur 25th Jul Winner Alex , runner up Titanium Pete

Thur 11th Jul Winner Titanium Pete , runner up Teabag Tyroan
Thur 4th Jul Winner Steve , runner up Obi Wan Mark
Thur 27th Jun Winner Steve , runner up Mark
Thur 20th Jun Winner Alex , runner up Titanium Pete
Thur 13th Jun Winner Lele , runner up Alex
Thur 6th Jun Winner Steve , runner up Lele
Thur 30th May Winner Alex , runner up Sean
Thur 23rd May WinnerMark , runner up Titanium Pete
Thur 9th May Winnera Titnium Pete , runner up Jo
Thur 2nd May Winner Sean , runner up Titanium Pete
Thur 18th Apr Winner Emile , runner up Dave
Thur 11th Apr Winner Lele , runner up Pink Demba Ba Parkin
Thur 4th Apr Winner Thorpedo , runner up Jonnie
Thur 28th Mar Winner Brad , runner up Emile
Thur 21st Mar Winner Titanium Pete , runner up Richard
Thur 14th Mar Winner Hal , runner up Focco
Thur 7th Mar Winner Emile , runner up Johnny
Thur 28th Feb Winner Pink Demba Ba Parkin , runner up Focco
Thur 21st Feb Winner Louis , runner up Steve
Thur 14th Feb Winner Steve , runner up Jonnie
Thur 7th Feb Winner Brad , runner up Jonnie
Thur 31st Jan Winner Brad , runner up Steve
Thur 24th Jan Winner Tim , runner up Steve
Thur 17th Jan Winner Mark , runner up Marteen
Thur 10th Jan Winner Pink Demba Ba Parkin , runner up Jonnie
Thur 3rd Jan Winner Ed , runner up Lele(disq.)

2013 Killer World Series of South West London

Alex 34pts , Steve 21pts , Obi Wan Mark 19pts ,  Titanium Pete 18pts , Brad 12pts , Tim 9pts , Lele/Emile 8pts , Pink Demba Ba Parkin 7pts , Jonnie 5pts , Sean 4pts , Ed/Louis/Hal/Thorpedo/Big Greg/Christer 3pts ,  Focco/Tyroan/Dustyn/Jo/Dave 2pts , Angus/Liam/Marteen/Johnny/Richard/Tom/Chris 1pt