Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bournemouth - Boscombe Pier Swim - 19-Jul-2009

Avondale ventured into the open water again for another mass stranding.... What a fine looking bunch of athletes, so well insulated (mostly) :

Jonnie Flipper remains the cetacean to beat, as he emerged first from the water despite stopping along the way to exchange pleasantries with other members of his species.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Penguin 8 - Avondale 6 (London Premiership 12 July 2009)

The South London Correspondent reports from Ealing:

I dragged Rocky from his genteel Wimbledon BBQ to the poorly lit, but well used Gurnell Pool at Ealing for a Sunday evening Polofest. Why can't they turn the lights up in that place? It's a nice facility, deep water and plenty of seating for Rocky and I to select a good vantage point.

I barely recognised the teams, both blunted by the lack of their respective cutting edges. The goalkeepers managed a hundred years between them and the average age might well have been nearer the forties than the thirties. I came over all nostalgic at one point. Rocky, being more of a polo purist, turned up his nose and slept through most of the game.

It all became rather dreary and the opposition scored two more goals than did Avondale.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

The blueseventy Great Big Open Water Swim (11 July 2009)

Avondale narrowly beat their Surrey rivals Sutton and Cheam to become the highest placed water polo team (possibly) in the 3k swim. Whilst registering for the event Jonnie and Dave noticed an impossibly tall foreign chap who looked like he knew his way around a rowing lake without a boat! Focco sensing a fellow Dutchman in his midst quickly found out that it was none other than Maarten Van Der Weijden, the Olympic 10k gold medallist. Well the boys now knew that they should have someone to slipstream around the lake, of course sprinting past him in the last 50 yards to take the win, at least that was the race plan. As the race started and 188 swimmers fought to get in the slipstream of the Dutch Master those well tuned water polo skills came in very handy and the Avondale lads managed to get themselves up near the front of the pack. The field quickly thinned out and by about 500 meters the high elbows and tactical manoeuvres essential in a water polo game gave way to the extended steady strokes of the long distance swimmer.


Unfortunately the boys didn't manage to implement the race plan but all put in an extremely credible effort and did the Avondale name proud. Special mention goes to Dave Brooks who got caught up in the excitement of the race and also caught up in the swimmers he was lapping a decided to start on a 4th lap of the 1k circuit. Luckily sense prevailed and after about 50 meters Dave turned around and found his way out of the water.


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