Friday 10 May 2013

May results

8th May

Old Whits - Avondale II = 13 - 8
Surrey 2

Certainly a game of 2 halves. They got everything on target in the first half and with some eye opening intepretation of the rules we played most of the first with 6 players. If only the interpretation was the same at both ends… (e.g. backing in)
But having lost the first half 9-2, we effectively won the second 4-6. New guy Chris played well adding a bit of youthful spirit to the side (ah it takes me back…) and Dave making mischief in the pit – only to have any hard fought advantage cancelled out by reversal, after reversal, after reversal….Credit to OMW though, they fielded a strong side and exploited some lackluster pressing early in the game. Other notes: Johnnie Beder slotting in a nice goal or 2. Richard’s expression of confusion over a perfectly legitimate goal leading to a wrap up for dissent. 120 seconds after a request from the cap to all players to button it.OMW started well, but we were below average. We then came back, but had left ourselves a mountain to climb on a clock that was left running and running… hmmmm.

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