Friday 26 April 2013

April Results

25th April

Guilford - Avondale I = 5 - 6

Surrey 1

There was drama , tension , passion , fear......and there was blood.....lots of it.Pre-match talk from the captain consisted in one simple rule , do not let their number 5 shoot.Andy "Pink Demba Ba" Parkin probably thought we might have stood a better chance if their number 5 was literary taken out of the game , and with a broken lip too.Fair play to Andy though , the opposing player decided to stick a finger right in Andy's eye ,  which left a nasty red/purple/blue mark.Some confusion followed , Steve was out with three midway through the second quarter , Liam is definitely another candidate for the Red Mist end of the season award(he needs to do a lot more though after Andy's performance), Mark missed yet another penalty which explains his lack of wins in Killer.Their keeper was almost unbeatable , in the end we managed to take home a deserved win.

29th Apr

Avondale II - Kingston = 15 - 10

Surrey 2

Ooooh that’s better. Apart from the customary generosity of gifting the opposition a head start, we picked it up in the second and them kept it going. Sure there were some frantic moments of insanity but this is the Real way! Great welcome back for big Dave, and a really broad spread of goal scoters meant the auld enemy were dismissed infine fashion. Despite the odd bleeding lip. Nice to be winning again. Very nice

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