Thursday 21 May 2015

Calling All Athletes....

Gents, In case you missed it, I know that those of us who will be (unknow-ingly) putting our livers on the line this weekend will be happier having seen the BBC Horizon program last night "Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad" - iPlayer

If you don't have time to be entertained by the van Tulleken twins (and they are very entertaining) I'll summarise for you:

- Drinking does not dehydrate you
- Hangovers are caused by a chemical of partly metabolised alcohol called acetyaldehyde. It's horrible stuff and amongst other things causes plaque to build up in your arteries
- Binge drinking is worse for you than 'moderate drinking (no surprise there)
- A week between binges (typical weekend drinking behaviour) does not allow your liver to recover
- The effects of alcohol - even moderate use - put a stress on your body that is a little like fighting illness
- (Very) Moderate use of alcohol (about 2 units per day) seem to be good for you
- If you cut out half your liver (for a donation) it will completely grow back in 6-8 weeks!!
- Frequent heavy drinkers have a different metabolic pathway that is used to metabolise alcohol as well as the normal one. This reduces hangovers but disguises the liver damage

Worth a watch on the BBC if you have time.
Anyone know where you can buy the continuous alcohol measuring wrist band featured?

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Beckenham 6 - Avondale 10

Advice before the game came from one of the club’s elder statesmen: Just swim a lot and shoot. Hmmm. Mission accomplished.

A nimble 9 players made the journey to Beckenham, named after a famous footballer, and indeed some players were attempting to "bend it". The tip of the spear provided by break away swims from a chap who looked a bit like Dave Brooks, but faster. Our opposition were a very good natured bunch (nice to be able to type that) and with the help of a couple of junior players capitulated early on, wasting the multiple offerings we gave in crazy shot timing and wayward passes.

But hey – you can only beat what’s in front of you. The match was enjoyable, Wigan Rob had his first game, counterbalancing the skyward shots of the captain with a couple that failed to reach the goal, but equally the occasion must have overwhelmed him. When being so close to the footballer’s namesake home, he decided to tackle with his feet. A tackle and flipping of the ball he wont (let us) forget in a hurry. Smiles all round and successfully ruined the pub quiz across the road afterwards by shouting out the answers. Cross Hairs hat trick to boot!

Bravo gentlemen.

Monday 26 January 2015

I .... being of sound mind and body

The club's lovers of a bracing winter dip were not phased by the presence of ice on the surface of Tooting Lido this weekend.  To quote the Yorkshire Rippler ".. we swam at the other end, we're not daft!"

Saturday 24 January 2015

Killer 2015 - New TV friendly format

One life killer as usual but an unusual precision saw pretty much everyone go from the shooting line to the goal to the side of the pool in one single swim. The man from the North kept his cool(and his shoulder) and won his 4th title of the season.

In our own Avondale Killer Ryder cup , Europe now lead the Rest of the World by 73 points to 50.

Greg (SA)             22
Dave (The North) 13
Andy (SA)            13
Rob T. (Sco)         11
Focco (NL)           10
Lyall (SA)              9
Pete (UK)               6
Emile (NL)             6     
Steve (UK)             6
Jo!?!? (UK)            4  
Marteen (NL)         4
Allan (UK)             3
Francesco (IT)        3
Lele (IT)                 3
Brad (US)               3
Angus (SA)            1
Dave (Sco)             1
Nigel (UK)             1
Rene' (US)              1
Richard (UK)         1
Thorpedo (SA) 1
Rob D (UK)           1

The roll of honour so far:
 Date     Winner            -          2nd
  Jan 08  Lyall - Nigel
  Jan 15        Steve / Andy (draw 2 points each)
  Jan 22  Focco - Maarten
  Jan 29  Emile - Dave from the North
  Feb 05  Big Greg - Andy
  Feb 12  Focco - Lyall
  Feb 19  Dave from the North - Big Greg
  Feb 26  Dave from the North - Big Greg
  Mar 05  Lyall - Thorpedo 
  Mar 12  Big Greg - Brad
  Mar 26  Scottish Rob -           ??
  Apr 02  Big Greg - Andy
  Apr 09  Emile - Big Greg
  Apr 16  Big Greg - Brad  
  Apr 23  Andy - Focco
  Apr 30  Big Greg - Scottish Rob
  May  7  Focco - Emile
  May 14  Allan  - Big Greg
  May 21  Francesco - Emile
  May 28  Jo - Steve
  June 11  Andy - Lyall
 June 18  Marteen - Brad
 June 25  Scottish Rob - English Rob
 July 2    Dave from the North - Rene'
 July 9    Scottish Rob - Lyall
 July 23  Titanium Pete - Scottish Rob
 July 30  Lele - Jo
 Aug 6    Andy - Scottish Dave
 Aug 13  Titanium Pete - Big Greg
 Aug 20  Steve - The real Angus
 Aug 27  Dave from the North - Richard

Friday 3 January 2014

Killer 2014

Killer 2014

27th Mar - Do you remember what you did the night John Lennon got shot? Here's another day to remember...27th of March 2014 , the night Jo won Killer!

Thur 27th Mar Winner Jo , runner up Pink Parkin
Thur 20th Mar Winner Alex , runner up Sean
Thur 13th Mar Winner Mark , runner up Steve
Thur 6th Mar Winner Steve , runner up Lele
Thur 27th Feb Winner Lele , runner up Emile
Thur 13th Feb Winner Mark , runenr up Greg
Thur 6th Feb Winner Tim , runner up Alex
Thur 30th Jan Winner Mark , runner up Lele
Thur 23rd Jan Winner Sean , runner up Brad
Thur 16th Jan Winner Nick M. , runner up Emile
Thur 2nd Jan Winner Legend Dave , runner up Jo

2014 Killer World Series of South West London
Obi Wan Mark 9pts , Lele 5pts , Alex/Jo/Sean/Steve 4pts , Legend Dave/Nick M./Pink Parkin/Tim 3pts , Emile 2pts , Brad/Big Greg/Jo1pt

Friday 27 December 2013

Christmas dips...

Send in your Christmas day swimming photos...  Steve, Heron Island must be warmer than Ramsgate.  Greg?

Friday 21 June 2013

June Results

17th June
Avondale II - Sutton 2 = 8 - 9
Surrey 2

An encouraging performance against a very strong S&C team. If we can eradicate the rush of blood to the head moments we could have turned this into a winning performance. Brad was excellent in goal and saved a few blushes. Dirty Chris getting 3 majors. Langton must have been having a quiet night… Big DB made mischief in the pit which was almost more fun to watch than actually pass him the ball. Ref was good. Nipped any mischief in the bud, was honest about what he saw and didn’t. 2 double ejections in 1 game. Nice. Getting better. Steadily.