Thursday 21 May 2015

Calling All Athletes....

Gents, In case you missed it, I know that those of us who will be (unknow-ingly) putting our livers on the line this weekend will be happier having seen the BBC Horizon program last night "Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad" - iPlayer

If you don't have time to be entertained by the van Tulleken twins (and they are very entertaining) I'll summarise for you:

- Drinking does not dehydrate you
- Hangovers are caused by a chemical of partly metabolised alcohol called acetyaldehyde. It's horrible stuff and amongst other things causes plaque to build up in your arteries
- Binge drinking is worse for you than 'moderate drinking (no surprise there)
- A week between binges (typical weekend drinking behaviour) does not allow your liver to recover
- The effects of alcohol - even moderate use - put a stress on your body that is a little like fighting illness
- (Very) Moderate use of alcohol (about 2 units per day) seem to be good for you
- If you cut out half your liver (for a donation) it will completely grow back in 6-8 weeks!!
- Frequent heavy drinkers have a different metabolic pathway that is used to metabolise alcohol as well as the normal one. This reduces hangovers but disguises the liver damage

Worth a watch on the BBC if you have time.
Anyone know where you can buy the continuous alcohol measuring wrist band featured?

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