Tuesday 20 March 2012

Eastern Otter Int. WP Tournament

9 of the finest athletes from the Avondale squad ventured in the far and unknown of east London for the Easter Otter International Tournament on Saturday.
5 games in total or 4 and a half for the three lucky ones on the Blaney bus which took more than two hours to navigate through perennial traffic jams between Kingston and Beacontree ; this with the help of 4 Sat Navs and some very uplifting music which almost knackered Johnny other eardrum.

Moments to remember in no particular order:
-A goal from the opposition from the half way line
-2 goals in the last seconds of the same game
-Quite an animated discussion(or telling off maybe)between a dodgy Italian and a German referee(weren’t used to be friends these two!?!)
-5 people jammed into a Mini on their way to post tournament refreshments.
-Angus entering the Olympics Diving team
-Focco top scorer for Avondale
-Liam’s great ability to work on a three storey basement project between games.
The unanimous winner of “highlight of the tournament” has to be the Enfield boy who , after been kept under the water for more than two seconds by an unnamed Avondale player ,got so upset that was seen leaving the pool in tears and made his way home.
Group B
B&D Aquatics - Enfield = 1 - 7
Avondale - TUS Syke = 2 - 3
Enfield - Avondale = 5 - 6
B&D Aquatics - TUS Syke = 0 - 8
Avondale - B&D Aquatics = 12 - 1
TUS Syke - Enfield = 9 - 6
Rotherham - Avondale = 5 - 4
3rd-4th Final
Eastern Otters - Avondale = 6 - 4

Final Table
1st Rotherham
2nd TUS Syke
3rd Eastern Otters
4th Avondale
5th Basildon
6th Enfield
7th Regensburg
8th B&D Aquatics

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