Thursday 8 April 2010

OMW 9 - Avondale 10 (Surrey Reserves 7th April 2010)

This was the first match of the new Surrey "Reserves" league. The natural divide caused by the gap in standard between the first teams of Avondale, Sutton and Croydon and the remainder of the original Surrey first division proved unbridgeable. The answer is perhaps this device of playing a league where these three clubs put up teams of second team players plus up to three first team players....

On the showing tonight it should work. It was a close game throughout with Avondale threatening to string together some consistent play from the start. The visitors did manage several well organised attacks, but their shooting let them down and their usually reliable homophonic goal scoring duo have yet to hit form.

Having trailed by a goal three times, OMW rallied well in the second and third periods. With some help from the Avondale Captain, who finding it hard to score in the oppositions goal managed to take his own keeper by surprise with a flick shot from short range, OMW started the final quarter two goals ahead at 8 - 6 and looked to be in control of the game.

Avondale seemed to surprise even themselves in the final quarter and began to hit the target, scoring 4 unanswered goals before OMW responded early in the last minute. In the absence of a shot-clock, possession would guaranteed a win, but Louis eschewed such negative thoughts and finding himself in the opposition half and unmarked went for glory... and shied his effort several meters high. OMW broke and with only a few seconds remaining were unlucky to end up with one of their weaker shooters close but wide of the goal. The resulting lob, under pressure, never looked like beating the somewhat lacklustre old keeper and Avondale ran out winners by the single goal.

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