Friday 5 February 2010

Blue Marlin 4(+23=27) - Avondale 21 (Tom Dwyer Cup 3rd February 2010)

This entry should really be in a very small font as a footnote somewhere. The fixture had disappointment written across it in the league's handbook, and so it came to pass. Both teams walked up and down the Walton paddling-pool for 45 minutes and the visitors, other than in the third quarter when they managed to build a little momentum, never looked like overhauling the home team, who dug in well and weathered the assault with room to spare. Well, assault is perhaps too strong a word... it was more akin to leaning heavily against a stubborn door in the hope that it will swing open.

A couple of well placed lobs, at which the visiting keeper waved rather ineffectually as they passed - seemingly close enough to head clear, bolstered the home team's confidence. At the other end the shots failed to find their target with the precision that they might have done.

It's one way to spend a cold wet Wednesday evening, and the two pints of Tanglefoot that constituted the post match refreshment were probably justification enough for the trip.

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