Tuesday 30 June 2009

Croydon 8 - Avondale 7 (London Premiership 29 June 2009)

An all too familiar story, with a few colourful embellishments. The first quarter finished 4 - 1 to the home side and given the final score that's not a great way to start a game. Avondale, despite once again finding themselves well below full strength could have won this game but for a very lax first quarter and an inability to put the ball away in front of goal... made all the more difficult by some excellent keeping from the home goalie. Even after the slow start the visitors showed signs of pulling themselves together until a 'difference of opinion' about what constituted playing the ball after a foul resulted in Shaun sitting out the remainder of the game. The Croydon player went to pick up the ball and dropped it and the eagle eyed Bond flicked the ball away. His reward, an exclusion for interfering with the foul. As ever, debating this with the referee produced a less than satisfactory outcome for the visiting team.

Neither side really distinguished themselves in what ended up being a scrappy game. The final quarter started 8 - 4, and in the end the home keeper frustrated the increasingly dominant Avondale attack and allowed Croydon to hang on as the clock ticked away.

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