Tuesday 9 June 2009

Avondale 9 - Penguin 10 (London Premiership 8 June 2009)

Penguin brought a strong team for what promised to be a very competitive game. The home side were missing the tank from his usual pole position and the always entertaining Beast From The East...

For a change, Avondale started well and after an even start began to asset themselves and looked more likely to control the game. A far tighter defence that included a double Bond and Moorhouse combination restricted a very strong Penguin offence to two goals in the first quarter. In offence the same Bonds and the ever dangerous sniper Jacobs hit the target repeatedly. Then having led by four at one stage Avondale let their concentration slip. Against a team with the talent of Penguin, this is not a smart move and by half time the game was back to 6-5.

Avondale had their chances to win the game and hit the woodwork repeatedly. Some barely sub-sonic shooting and the odd slower ball deceived both keepers, but as the clock wound down it was Penguin who managed to get their noses in front and, with their considerable experience, to stay there.

Avondale wasted too much ball and on occasions the last pass let down an otherwise solid performance. With their fire power Avondale will always score spectacular goals, but Penguin controlled their own possession better and in the end the home side could not outscore these visitors.

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