Friday 16 January 2009

Bule Marlins 8 - Avondale II 8 (Thameside 15 Jan 2009)

No match report was forthcoming from this, clearly, close fought engcounter. A surprising result given the one sided affair between the same teams three days earlier at Putney. However, a second hand account reached the editor across a pub table:

Opinion as to the suitability of the pool for competitive polo seems to be pretty unanimous - ranking, as it does, somewhere below the chocolate fire-guard for efficacy. Opinion as to the refereeing was divided, some thought that with the vast majority of the major fouls, the visitors attracted an unwarranted degree of censure from the official. Others seemed to think that he was equally competent in his decision making for both teams. Whatever the opinion, by the end of the game Avondale had three players excluded from the pool, leaving them a player down and this certainly resulted in a more even game.

One particular incident (excluding the continual references, which littered the discussion, to the visiting Captain's complete inability to shoot within the confines of the goal) was recounted by all of the participants. Avondale were without their main keeper and, presumably on the basis that quantity is every bit as valuable as quality in this position (although Otto was playing) Tim "combine harvester" Langton found himself as the last line of defence. Whilst remonstrating volubly and stridently with his defence as to the need to "press" their opponents he failed to notice that the ball was already in the goal..... Easily done!

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