Wednesday 28 January 2009

Avondale 16 - Croydon 6 (Thameside 26 Jan 2009)

The Thameside league does not command the same kudos as the London Premiership or Surrey First division and both teams were without notable players. Significantly, Avondale did have both of their 'sharp shooters' and in the end this was the difference between the teams.

Croydon scored first, the Avondale team guilty of assuming that the old buoy at the back was equal to whatever the home teams best shooters had to offer. But from there on, one might say that normal service was resumed. As the game continued the Croydon shooting regressed to a more manageable level and Bond and The Sniper seemed to go from strength to strength. The normally very competent Croydon keeper struggled to put up much resistance. Given the quality of the incoming fire he ought not to be too disappointed.

For the visitors, Eakins drew on all his experience and guile to lob the keeper from a melee right under his nose, whilst Pink Andy Parkin had a rather frustrating time in the pit. Dave "It's all about deception in 2009" Brooks picked up his usual couple of majors, although the consensus in the crowd was that he was unlucky with the first of these as the player looked to be holding the ball throughout their engagement. Dave knows you have to take the rough with the smooth, and hailing from Yorkshire is a lot more used to the rough. He left away with a smile on his face.

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