Thursday 4 October 2012

October Results

1st Oct 2012
Avondale I - Sutton & Cheam  = 9 - 15
London Premier League
A game that had to be won to begin the climb up the table and stay out of the relegation battle was badly lost with a performance that could easily be ranked as one of the worst of the season.
Not sure what we were trying to achieve with all the confusion we created with every attacking situation , too many trying to drive in  from every position leaving no space to the hole man ,an attacking D that seemed more like an R , an A and a K all mashed together and a few nerves that need to be controlled.

8th Oct 2012
Avondale I - Otter = 5 - 13
London Premier League
Another game that had to be won  , another game that was badly lost.We didn't play particularly bad ,they were just better . Sadly this was the last opportunity to beat a direct rival in the relegation battle as ,as things stands , it looks like we are going down. 

15th Oct 2012
Eastern Otter - Avondale II = 9-11
London League One
Everybody Hurts. A sad day as the second team were relegated from the first division. Going 4-0 down in the first quarter didn't help. We’ll have to make sure we go back up again…

Final Tables

Premier Pts
1 Croydon 40
2 Poly 30
3 Beckenham 28
4 Sutton 27
5 Penguin 26
6 Otter 26
7 Avondale 24
8 Bexley 19
Div. 1 Pts
1 Watford 26
2 Ealing 22
3 Croydon II 22
4 Reading 20
5 Eastern Otter 15
6 Avondale II 14

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