Monday 27 September 2010

Dorney Lake 3.8k Swim - 26th September 2010

Stop Press!... Jonnie B finally overhauled by 'The Ripper'.

Poor Jonnie, seen here recovering after his narrowest of defeats at the hands of Dave ' The Ripper' Brooks, more mackeral for tea!

In a quality-packed field of 130 elite endurance swimmers the boys managed 14th, 15th and 25th and Robyn 54th. Focco's wet-suit let him down by failing to provide the additional support required to overhaul the two youngsters. And what a battle for the Avondale top slot.

They said it couldn't be done - there was even a rumour that his pre swim sprat snack might have been tampered with.. but in the end no amount of squeeking and clicking could hide the fact that neoprene clad Ripper had pipped him fair and square at the line. A single second separated the battling duo, with Focco sliding across the finish just a couple of minutes later.

Well done lads, lass (and cetacean).

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