Monday 13 July 2009

Penguin 8 - Avondale 6 (London Premiership 12 July 2009)

The South London Correspondent reports from Ealing:

I dragged Rocky from his genteel Wimbledon BBQ to the poorly lit, but well used Gurnell Pool at Ealing for a Sunday evening Polofest. Why can't they turn the lights up in that place? It's a nice facility, deep water and plenty of seating for Rocky and I to select a good vantage point.

I barely recognised the teams, both blunted by the lack of their respective cutting edges. The goalkeepers managed a hundred years between them and the average age might well have been nearer the forties than the thirties. I came over all nostalgic at one point. Rocky, being more of a polo purist, turned up his nose and slept through most of the game.

It all became rather dreary and the opposition scored two more goals than did Avondale.

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