Monday 9 March 2009

Helfins 4 - Avondale 6 (Thameside League - 3rd March 2009)

Good while it lasted....

Rather disappointingly there was a problem with the pool time and there was, in the end, only time for two ten minute halves for what was shaping up to be rather an good and even match.

Avondale had almost their strongest side out (when the Beast From the East and Steve Moorhouse arrived at half time that is) against a typically strong Helfins who were missing their excellent keeper. Some old bloke substituted for him in the cage (I think they mean you Paul) and was heard to complain (with some justification) after the game that the Avondale shooters had been a bit mean to him. A hyperextended elbow is never far from ones mind when trying to avoid incoming rounds from Bond and The Sniper.

Neither team quite managed to get into their full flow in the time available, but the New Bond was impressive in the pit For Avondale and Moorhouse delivered a trademark steal whilst defending a man down (the referee nearly gave 'standing' until he spotted the 12ft of water).

Escaping from the building proved as difficult as ever. There's a case for having a ball of string to trail from the lifts to the pool.

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