Monday 11 August 2008

Cranleigh 6 - Avondale II 17 (Surrey League 29th July 2008)

A Report from the Real Avondale Captain:

A warm evening saw a streamlined team from the large ranks of highly tuned 2nd team players… ah-hem!

With a couple of our newest recruits we faced an ageing Cranleigh second team that rapidly made clear their intention to “have a laugh” once we scored a rapid 6 goals in the first quarter. To compound their situation, a home team turn out of 7 players meant their later losing a player to 3 major fouls left them in such a sorry state that they chose to concede the game midway through the 3rd quarter. This was to continue the game with 7 and make something of it. The score at that point was 17-6.

It’s a little sad to see a once worthy competitor reduced in numbers with little new blood in their team. But it also reinforced our desire to ensure that we succeed in the comping games to go up a division to avoid playing matches at this level.

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